Two on the Aisle
New Haven area

Bio: Ever since I saw my first live theater performance -- at the ripe old age of 4 -- I've been hooked,. Since then I've been an avid theater goer and for more than 30 years, a theater critics. I'm a founding member of the Connecticut Critics Circle and a member of the Outer Critics Circle. In addition to a career in journalism, marketing and public relations -- and as a University instructor in those fields -- I have also performed in musicals and cabaret.

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  1. Is it necessary to make a snarkey comment about Jason Danieley’s current employment while informing the shoreline of his wife’s passing. Are you that insensitive? The show and his role have changed since he signed on, but people need to work. Shame on you for insulting him at this sad time.

    1. I’m sorry you felt that way about my comment. I know Jason Danieley and respect his work. I simply stated he was “wasted in the show” and I will stand by that. His talents are not used; perhaps the role did change between his casting and the opening. He is too talented to be in a show that doesn’t permit him to use his voice and talents to the fullest. I’m not saying he shouldn’t take the part and people do make decisions based on multiple factors. I only regret that the part was notworthy of his abilities.

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